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Published by: Graham Commander on 08-Apr-14
Want online profits? You SAY you do, but let's see. This is a must-read article for everyone who wants to make an honest buck online -- from home -- starting right now! No kidding!

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Author's program note. Boy, am I ever frosted, which is a good Illinois word for ticked off, miffed, mad, mad, mad. This is the problem. All day, every day (because we never close) people worldwide enter our Worldprofit Live Business Center and confirm (because we ask them) that they are present not to buy a new car, not to unclog the kitchen sink, not to book a pilgrimage to Graceland but to learn how to make an online income from home RIGHT NOW. The drill goes something like this:

"Hello, MaryLou, I understand you want to make money working from home on the Internet. Is that so?"

"Yessir, it is."

"Do you have the $99.95 it will take to get started?" You see, pure-as-the-driven-snow MaryLou is about to tell a lie... a whopper she doesn't need to tell... which does her no good.... and which shrouds the process of business instead of fostering it.

"No sir, I surely don't."

At this moment MaryLou jumps up on a convenient table top, the better to be seen as she honky-tonks one of the most popular songs every written, a ballad for les miserables all over the world.

The music is by Spencer Williams; lyrics by Roger Graham. It was first recorded in 1915 and was a hit at once, so much so that dozens of major recording artists finagled to have a go at it. The song is "I Ain't Got Nobody", and you can find it in any search engine. Go now and pick the rendition you like. Select the one that is most maudlin, pathetic, affecting. Then belt it out in "Boardwalk Empire" fashion; that version full of lamentation; too many cold and lonely mornings after too many bumpy nights before, misery and woe; the one sultry chanteuse Patti Smith was born to make her own.

"I ain't got nobody/ Nobody cares for me/nobody, nobody cares for me."

"Perambulating around the margins of veracity."

MaryLou fibbed, lied, dissembled, bluffed, deceived, equivocated, exaggerated, fabricated, invented, embroidered, falsified, fictionalized, humbugged and, in case you missed the point, beat truth to death with every flutter of her severely over painted eyebrows. As Frank Sinatra would have said, "That's why the lady is a tramp." It's also why she'll never be an online marketing success.

MaryLou had the $99.95 alright. What she didn't have was any sense. You see, she needed to keep the doop open... her mind open... her eyes open... but instead she lied, which was a helluva way to start interacting with the good people who were there to help her... and the rest of the world. We're going to need a flow chart here because once she lied, she was going to have to overcome that lie before she could join and profit. Because "profit" was what she wanted and what she put into such severe jeopardy when she told the lie that should have been strangled before utterance.

"Well, MaryLou, that's most unfortunate because we have everything you need to profit online. Indeed, you could start making money TODAY!"

Hmm. MaryLou is now interested, because she's been looking high and low and has found nothing but marauders and rapacious scamsters. But now, perhaps because there's a real, live person on screen helping her, she begins to perceive that this place is different, humane, a place where colleagues could meet, exchange information, make friends and DO BUSINESS. Only she has lied to the monitor on the screen (remember, when she didn't have to)... and now she has to overcome that disadvantage before any good things can be given and enjoyed. The lie that MaryLou deemed necessary only a moment or two before now is exposed for the insult it really is.

"I don't lie."

"MaryLou may lie, you say. But I never do." Really?

My exhaustive research going back not months or even years but decades comes to a very different conclusion. Fully 99% of prospects to the Live Business Center when asked if they have $99.95 say they don't. 99%! Now you know and I know that's a whopper. Yet it is the opening gambit used by virtually every single prospect; all people who claim they are entrepreneurs, want a home-based business, and will do whatever it takes to make it happen and make it profitable. Everything but tell the truth, the truth that is essential to understanding and doing business, for that is the first casualty here.

The Internet: nirvana for liars.

I am one of the few people you will ever meet who was actually one of the very first people to go online to do business. As such, I am something of a museum piece. For those of you johnny come latelies I'd like to take a second or two to tell you what the 'net was like in those days of yore when men were men and the sheep were scared.

First of all the 'net was small. Second it was populated by zealots, geeks and ultra- nerds who were glad to be there and who was glad to shake your hand and get acquainted There was no face... no posturing... just a place where everyone was a pioneer, and they were glad to know you, thankee, ma'am, aw shucks.

There was no side, no arrogant swaggering, and a whole lot fewer lies than today. It was a better place, populated by the best of people, people like the two eminent worthies George Kosch and Sandi Hunter, who became my friends and who then asked if I'd like to conquer the world with them. We shook hands and got down to business. It was 1993, the world was our oyster and if we'd encountered MaryLou in those days, she would have been down-home friendly, glad to see us, sit down and tell us all about it. There was friendliness, honor, integrity, and a bushel full of good humor and happy memories for life. Oh, yes, AND the MONEY... which was plentiful, so easy to make, I became a multi-millionaire in record time.

Almost all of that is gone now, kind of like when you take down the Christmas tree and remove it from the living room, a few fragrant needles all over the floor, reminding you of the good times you had... and how you wished they remained forever. Nowadays things are different, needlessly frustrating, too many people both arrogant and rude. And to think we did this, are doing this to ourselves; that is the most painful part of all.

What you must do to start making money from home TODAY, yes TODAY!

1) Resolve to stop lying online today; that you will give your real name,real email address, telephone number, etc.

2) Make it a point to visit Answer every question put to you by our live monitors. They are asked for a reason.

3) Watch the 17-minute video. It gives you the right and detailed information for profiting onliine. Do not skim or skip it and never say you watched it and understood it if you didn't.

4) Listen to the stupendous offer made. It is currently worth well over $12,000 and contains EVERYTHING you need to make money online now.

5) Follow the steps in George Kosch's awesome Home-Based Business Bootcamp. These steps work... but only if you implement them. If you won't do that you are simply throwing away your good money.

6) Promote your online business daily. We show you how. If you promote daily, following our simple, specific and proven steps you MAKE MONEY, guaranteed.

... And one more thing. The Golden Rule. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Whoever first penned this insight knew what he was talking about. Try it and see. You'll be happier, healthier, wealthier in no time.

Otherwise you'll stay where you are, with nobody to care for you, and worst of all it'll be your own fault, nobody else to blame. And if that ain't cause for singing the blues, I don't know what is, don't know, darlin', and never will... but then I have got somebody helping me, and this has made all the difference. Catch my drift?



About the Author Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit Inc.,providing a wide range of online services for small and-home based businesses. Republished with author's permission by Graham Commander