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Published by: Graham Commander on 19-Sep-14
The age of the computer

It’s hard to imagine modern life without the personal computer, and yet they have not been around that long


BM introduced its first personal computer called the IBM PC in 1981


Which was considerably bulker than my first personal computer the Sinclair Spectrum ZX 48K

Approximately 6 inches long by 5 inches wide and extremely thin, for those days and even by todays standards


Sadly its performance was very basic as was the coding you had to use, to get any resulting action

There was no monitor, you plugged it into the TV set, it wasn’t until later on the makers sold pre-record cassette tapes with simple games on to play


They were very blocky, and the sound from them if you listen to, was similar to the fax machine noise

There was no hard drive disk, I’m unsure what was used for the 48K memory storage space


Basic coding was a long process, and at best if you were patient enough it would move a small sprite figure across the screen


I then moved onto a Commodore 64 which was larger but still now monitor and hard drive, but better recorded cassette tapes and programmes


Since those early days, I have been through several assorted makes of personal computers, which thankfully have been capable of better and productive thing than merely playing games 


Even in schools you will find fully modernised computers, for even the youngest pupils

Enabling assorted work to done with them, as well as learning featured games


But it’s not just personal computers these days that have the ability to connect to the web, there are laptops and tablets which are like laptops without the top 


Also capable of multimedia performance, surfing the web downloading and playing music

Uploading photos or video taken the device, and so the personal computer has evolved far beyond the imagination of the makers of the first early ones.

Who know what other innovations and transformations the future may hold of the personal computer   



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