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Published by: Graham Commander on 30-Mar-20
Attracting Abundance

It seems as though the world is filled with desire and need, and that can make a lot of people wonder if they can attract abundance.

They want to know if they can attract things like better relationships, financial security, and optimal health.

The Secret Part is that everybody is already attracting everything that they have in their lives, which includes all bad and unwanted things as well as the good things


The main mechanism of how this works is commonly referred to as the law of attraction. This law is always at work, and it doesn't matter if you believe it or are even aware of it. It's just like gravity.

Someone who was never educated and is ignorant (in the best sense of the word) of the laws of gravity is still affected by those laws. If they jump off the top of a building, they will fall regardless of their level of knowledge and belief.


The law of attraction can bring a whole host of unpleasant things into your life.

But this article is about how to attract abundance, attracting all the good stuff!

Since you are already attracting what you have, or to put it another way, your lifestyle, so if that lifestyle if full of unpleasant situations

It makes sense to learn how to exchange all the negative stuff and to attract all the things you really want.

The first thing you need to realize is that there is more than enough for everybody to have abundance. So there is no need for people get jealous or angry when they see others who are wealthy.

Such negative feelings and thoughts are holding you back from gaining the lifestyle you desire

What do you think is possible? Is it possible for you to gain a million pounds within three months?

If you allow negative thought to tell you that would be impossible, then you are right!

But if you think and believe it's at possible, then you stand a chance of success.

Belief determines what you receive. It may take practice, but the more you believe that you can get what you want, the sooner you will get it.

While the same is true that you need to ferret out and change any hidden negative beliefs that may be holding you back.