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Earn money by playing!

Earn money by playing!
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Golden-farm.biz is a platform that has existed since 2013 and is supposedly a way to make money online by playing a game and by inviting other people to join.

Let me just reveal right away that it is a bit confusing to figure out exactly how it works and what you can get out of it.

So, in my opinion, it is not the most user-friendly money-making option I have seen online, but that does not mean it cannot have potential.

Let’s, therefore, go over what you get as a member and how good each of the opportunities is to see if it might be a real way for you to earn.

Option 1 – Buy birds

As the name implies, the game is about having a kind of farm. So one of the main things is to buy birds.

Overall, the concept of Golden Farm Biz can be explained in 4 steps – you buy birds, they lay eggs, you sell the eggs for silver coins, and you exchange the silver coins for real cash.

Sounds pretty simple and as a nice way to make money so far, right?

Well, there is a bit more to it. So let’s go a bit more into details about all the steps so you can see the true potential before deciding if it is for you or not.

So the first step is that you need to buy birds. There are different ways you can do this.

You can earn coins on the platform without investing as I will explain more about below. Or you can load money into your account and use these to buy birds (they call it to replenish your account).

$1 equals 6578 silver coins in Golden Farm Biz at the moment of writing this review. You can get birds for different prices.

The more you pay for a bird, the more eggs it lays.

The cheapest bird you can get will cost you 150 silver coins and the most expensive 375000 silver coins.

Already here you might see one of the things I do not think is very user-friendly. The coins to dollar ratio make it extremely difficult to figure out exactly what you will end up spending or earning.

To make it easier for you I have made some calculations – the cheapest bird will then have a cost of around $0.02 and the most expensive will cost around $57.

Once you have bought the birds, they will automatically start laying eggs. As mentioned, the more expensive birds will lay more eggs.

Option 2 – Sell eggs

To be able to use your Golden Farm Biz eggs for real money or for buying more birds, you need to collect the eggs and then sell them.

Option 3 – Get a daily bonus

If you do not feel like investing in buying birds on Golden Farm Biz, you can earn a bit through the daily bonus.

Option 4 – Refer other people

You can earn by inviting other people to join Golden Farm Biz.

This is where the platform starts to show what it really is about. Because you will earn commissions on everything people you invite end up spending on the platform.

You will not earn commissions on what they earn by they have to end up spending money for you to earn. But you will then also get commissions for 4 levels, as you can see in the image above.

Actually earning commissions by referring people to services you like is, in general, a great way to make money online if you do it through affiliate marketing and only recommend services that are truly useful for people.

What I do not like so much about Golden Farm Biz’s system is that it will be very hard for you to earn without referring others.

You can, in theory, earn, but you have to invest a lot to be able to earn anything just by buying birds and selling eggs. It will honestly be very hard to make your investment back.

Unless you invite other people. But then it is suddenly not anymore a way to earn by playing a game but the only real way to get a chance is by getting other people to join and getting them to spend money, etc.

This really limits the potential, in my opinion, and it is not personally a platform I will invite people to join, because they will only be able to really earn by getting other people to join and invest.

Option 5 – Get a joining bonus

In addition to the methods I have mentioned above, you get a small joining bonus when you first sign up for Golden Farm Biz.

You get 1 green bird, 300 silver coins, and then you get another 20 free coins if you take the short guided tour right after joining.

This will not get you a lot but at least you can get started and get a few birds without having to invest.

But if you are hoping to build up a real online income just by the help of the joining bonus and the few birds you can get for that, it will just not happen to be honest.

Option 6 – Make a YouTube video about Golden Farm Biz

Golden Farm Biz offers to pay you 10,000 silver coins to make a YouTube video about the platform.