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Published by: Graham Commander on 19-Oct-22
New Information Website

As all WordPress users will know WordPress was launched as a Blogging platform, expanding later on into offering easy-setup websites

Without all the hassle of learning c-panel and file-transferring protocol

Also offering a wide choice of ready-to-use premium templates, only available to those using the paid hosting service

Although still offering the Free hosted blog service, which I used for many years with a blog called Lots of Free Info

Which became quite popular and received many comments, although most were other bloggers attempting to gain backlinks

Then I lost access to the admin access so I was unable to continue to add new articles

Only recently I decided to revamp the idea of providing a helpful free information blog

Although this time I decided to go for paid hosting and slightly altered the name into “Lots of Free Information”

Everyone is welcome to come and visit my new blog/website.

No details needed -- No form to fill in

Feel Free to leave comments or suggestions for improvement